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Book Your Ultimate VR Experience In St Albans

Book your VR experience at Situal Cave VR in St Albans! Enjoy a variety of VR games in our specially designed rooms. Perfect for friends and family, available during off-peak and peak hours. Reserve now!

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Off-Peak Hours Delight

Enjoy our immersive VR experiences at special rates from Monday to Friday, 4 pm to 10 pm. It's the perfect after-school or post-work adventure to unwind and dive into new realities.

Weekend Peak Hours:

Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 10 pm are our peak hours. Gather your friends or family for a memorable weekend filled with excitement, strategy, and virtual exploration.

Booking Made Easy

Select your date, time, & the number of participants through our simple booking system. If you have a specific game in mind, please leave a note in your booking, & we'll prepare your chosen adventure.

Games Room 1 & 2 VR Games Catalogues

Whether you're looking to battle it out in futuristic landscapes, solve mysteries in escape room challenges, or explore new worlds, our diverse game selection has something for everyone. Browse our game lists for Room 1 and Room 2 to find your preferred virtual experience.

Book Our Virtual Reality Experience

"Very good games, nice people. Would recommend playing ‘Mission Sigma’."

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Book With Situal Cave Today

Secure your spot for an unparalleled VR journey at Situal Cave VR. Whether for a casual outing, a birthday celebration, or a team-building event, we promise an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary.

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